The Next Step…

So guys, we at TNND HQ have some news…

After nearly 9 years of fun, frolics, literal blood, sweat and tears, and a quite phenomenal amount of laughter together, it’s time for the next evolution in our history. It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of overall legend, Tom Houghton, from The Noise Next Door.

We must stress that this is an entirely amicable decision. Sadly there have been no bad ass punch ups or awesome table flips… It has just come to a time in our lives where our goals have shifted, and Tom has decided to pursue a career as a solo comedian. We wish Tom the utmost success, not that he needs our wishes. His passion, drive and skill for giggle giving is abundantly clear, and as long as he doesn’t lose his diary, obliterate his phone, or just entirely forget about a gig (which are all strong possibilities), then he is destined to triumph.

We haven’t parted ways just yet! The five of us will still be gigging together until the end of October, and after that the door is always open for possible collaboration.

As much as this is the end of an era for The Noise Next Door, it is also the start of a new one. We are extremely excited about our future, and have a ton of endeavours in the pipeline that we look forward to sharing, from a brand new podcast, to proposed TV projects and our 4th National Tour starting in January.

Although Tom will not be with us for the rest of our journey, he will always be there in spirit. If spirit isn’t enough for you, do check him out in person at a comedy club near you. You can sit with us and heckle. Or you can harass him on Twitter, @TomHComedy.

In all seriousness, it’s been a hell of a ride, and the ride continues, just on slightly different roads.


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