The Noise Next (Revolving?) Door

Here comes the future… and it looks a little different, as we cement our reputation as “The Sugababes of comedy” with another change in our line-up. We are saying ‘goodbye’ to one of our founding members, ‘welcome back’ to another one of our founding members and ‘huzzah’ to 2019 and beyond…

After eleven awesome years we bid a fond farewell to the human joke-factory Charlie Granville. Charlie has decided to take a step back from the spotlight to spend more time with his growing family and explore his other passions. You can keep up with Charlie by following his awesome illustration company on Instagram, @HeyDrawMe, or by watching him buys a house on the next series of ‘Location, Location, Location’! We wish Charlie all the luck in the world for this exciting new chapter in his life and know that he will be a huge success in everything he does next.

We are thrilled to announce the triumphant return of the man who leaves his bones at home Matt Grant! As most of you will remember Matt was part of The Noise for our first ten years. After spending a year working behind the scenes on a plethora of TV shows and movies Matt realised he couldn’t resist the call of comedy any longer. We can’t wait to get Matt’s incredible physicality and outrageous characterisation back into our shows in the new year.

Matt returns

2019 is lining up to be an exciting year for The Noise Next Door… We are days away from announcing our HUGE national tour, we’ll be making more videos, more podcasts and more mayhem, in general. So it’s goodbye Charlie, welcome back Matt, and huzzah for the future of The Noise Next Door.