NEW VIDEO: Improv Adventure Episode 3 – ‘In Your Fantasy’

It’s time for the third Improv Adventure! ‘In Your Fantasy’ is all brave kingths, fair maidens and hideous trolls! Enjoy a real life castle and the various […]

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Pumpkin Heads

NEW VIDEO: Improv Adventure – ‘Fearmonger’

It’s here! The second in our Improv Adventure series has arrived! ‘Fearmonger’ is a very spooky Halloween themed episode with all sorts of undead goings on, […]

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Yes It's the 127 hours image... But the point is clear.

NEW VIDEO: Improv Adventure Ep. 1 – Touching Nature

First of all… Yes. The image above is the artwork from 127 hours. But we didn’t want to spoil any of the fun from the actual video… […]

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The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In

The sell-out smash hit returns to Brighton! Mashing together stand-up, panel shows and afterhours banter your hosts, improv superstars, The Noise Next Door get busy with […]

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