Meeting Mr. McIntyre

Michael McIntyre, we feel it is safe to say, is absolutely at the pinnacle of comedy in this country. Whether you like him or not (and for the record, we do) you can’t deny his incredible levels of success in the general field we are trying to make our way in. He has been the figurehead of stand-up’s incredible surge onto prime-time in recent years. Being on the comedy circuit, you hear anecdotes about those that have ‘really made it’ from those that ‘haven’t yet’/’never will’ and these can vary from tales of borderline hero worship to bitter horror stories. As such it, was with a mix of excitement and trepidation that we approached our first meeting and gig, a charity event for Eaves – Supporting¬†Vulnerable¬†Women, with MR BRITISH COMEDY 2009-2013. (That’s not a real thing, but you get the point.)

Michael McIntyre, it transpires, was a gent – naturally funny and as humble as his undeniable super-stardom would possibly allow. It must be tough to stay grounded when everyone wants to say hello. The crew, the organisers, the other comics… Everyone wanted to be mates with McIntyre – shake the hand and subtly compliment him on his stand-up, his book, his suit. Smiling through it all and with a witty quip every thirty seconds or so for good measure, McIntyre charmed everyone.

The event itself was fantastic and raised a lot of money for the very deserving charity. On a personal note we were delighted to have such a great gig going on just before the big man himself. When McIntyre took to the stage you could see why he is where he is. After briefly stopping to mention how “Hilarious” the act before him was (Get in!) McIntyre ploughed into a routine of perfect, energetic and yet seemingly effortless observational material. Rather predictably, he stormed it.

After the gig McIntyre was good enough to stick around to have photos with the comics who, usually so cool, were falling over themselves to be snapped alongside him. We’d like to say that we were all respectful and just said a polite goodnight before letting him get on his way… But then we wouldn’t have this awesome photo of us with Michael McIntyre would we?

Stick a pink tie on him immediately!