Let The Games Begin!

We spend a lot of time together. In fact we spend so much time together that it is a wonder that we don’t all hate each other. It is in part due to our dedication to the group. It is in part due to a friendship that goes back before we had to live in each other’s pockets. But we suspect that the main reason that we don’t spend our lives tearing each other apart is because we all seem to agree that there is always a game to be played. All of our frustrations are taken out in the fury of a table tennis match, a game of giant chess (see above) or an hour spent trying to bounce a tennis ball off two walls and into a mug.

We’ll play any sport that becomes available to us. In the past on the road we have played pool, table tennis, basketball (“I’m better at Netball” Matt – We assume he went to an all-girls school), football, touch rugby, snooker, high diving (“Never again, you bastards” Charlie – He got his hair wet), darts and golf (“I’m built for war not pissy sticks and balls” Big Tom – He’s really bad at golf… He’s also definitely not built for war. He’s built for cake). But if the mood strikes and no sporting equipment is to hand we are more than happy to launch into some makeshift athletics… Broom-Javelin, Round-The-Green-Room Chair-Hurdles and Compact Discus (“Use my One Direction album, I really regret buying it.” Little Tom – He’d already put it on his iPod. He loves it) have all been huge successes. We love games… Once we played hide and seek for nearly an hour. (“I can’t believe you didn’t find me” Sam – Sam played for nearly two hours.)

It’s not all manly displays of sporting prowess (It’s never that, if we’re honest), we also get the brain engaged. Cryptic crosswords, the incredible quiz app Sporcle (Do check it out Trivia fans) and various card games keep us sharp. However the thing that takes up most of our time is preposterous hypothetical questions. If bored consider these…

-“If we knew the earth was going to be destroyed by a giant meteor 100 years from now how would you go about trying to evacuate mankind?”

-“Explain, in detail, your superhero alter ego – Name, Powers, Costume, Origin Story, Nemesis, Allies, Transport and Greatest Act.” (Also works well with supervillain)

-“Could the five of us beat a bear in a fight?” (We think yes if we follow our tactical battle plan, in which Matt will sadly, almost certainly die.)

We hope these dscussions fill some time on a long journey for somebody… Also included here, for your amusement, is Sam and Charlie planking a Mercedes. I mean, why not? May the games continue!

Lying on a car

Those guys look heavy... They might even weigh a plank tonne. (Why?)