Does Sam have marriage on his plate?

The last few days of April and the start of May were clearly written by staff writers at Disney… A princess got married and the bad-guy met his sticky end. We also heard that in some parts of the country woodland creatures started befriending orphans. Meanwhile we were having a cracking weekend at Krater Comedy Club at the Komedia in our home town Brighton with Stephen Grant, Alun Cochrane and Andrew Bird. Top stuff.

We also had two lovely gigs performing at wedding receptions in Northumberland and Essex. This prompted a brief discussion about when one of us might get married – That particular chat ended in some schoolboy name calling and the general agreement that Sam might, one day, marry a nice sandwich. (You’ll be happy to know that Sam tied the knot with a lovely chicken coronation baguette at a service station on the way home. It ended tragically quickly… for the sandwich.)