Hairline – Otherworld

The Noise Next Door: OtherWorld – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Welcome to OtherWorld, a show where you decide where you are, what happens, and who is with you. Improv comedies can be slightly repetitive and formulaic, but The Noise Next Door has taken the improvisation formula and turned it upside down. They won’t just sing and dance for you from your suggestions, just for the hell of it. This time, there is a world to build, and they need the audience to help them create it.

With the underlying theme of building a new planet (since Earth has been destroyed) and the obvious audience’s participation, these five talented and cheeky lads will give you on the spot the new world’s national anthem and laws, as well as characterise themselves as the survivors from Earth, or tell you a story about the need to save the new world from an impending attack. Sounds weird? It is. Sounds fun? It most certainly is, and more.

The one hour show flies by, and the five leads chemistry and charisma can be felt around the auditorium. They bounce ideas from each other, come up with the most hilarious of situations and all while making it seem easy and simple. They are, without a doubt, the best improv group in the Fringe this year around.

And the beauty of it is that, since each day the suggestions (and therefore what happens on stage) change, each day you get to see a completely different show. So what better way to end a busy day at the Fringe than to come along to the C venue, and enjoy the fantastic comedy from the The Noise Next Door group!? With them by our side, we don’t need Bruce Willis to save us on Armageddon day. We are in much better company.