Groggy Squirrel – Otherworld

The Noise Next Door: OtherWorld – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

It’s not often you walk out at the end of a show listening to people ringing their friends about how good the show was.

This is a team of six gentlemen, one with a guitar, performing what can best be described as an extended ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway’ set on another world. The show starts with Earth being destroyed and the survivors having to settle a new world. From here, the audience is invited to make suggestions about the world, survivors and other important decisions. The audience on the night I was there was loud, energetic and determined to have their say, all perfect for an improv show.

The cast were very quick with the jokes and puns and the story progressed through a series of songs and sketches to the unlikely conclusion of the show. Every exciting finale of the show can apparently be viewed online so you can see the results of your night’s entertainment and compare the suggestions to previous shows.

This is a fast, well executed comedy hour from a team of talented improvisers and it will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.