Edinburgh Festivals Magazine – Bring The Noise

4 Stars

There is always a little tension when you first take your seat at an improv show; you are looking forward to the performance but at the same time secretly hoping you are not singled out and asked personal questions. However, this feeling disappears as soon as the members of The Noise Next Door come out.  They burst energetically onto the stage and immediately put the audience at ease with their charismatic and endearing manner, creating an atmosphere of fun and laughter.

The show begins with a song to get the audience involved, by looking for random words to be incorporated into their first number.  It continues with sketches, moments of dance, singing and role-play.  As the laughter gets louder, the suggestions get weirder.  You find yourself wanting to shout out the most random and silly things imaginable, just to see what the inventive performers will come up with next.

Many of the characters created are extraordinarily funny.  One such persona is the hilariously posh Archie Fox who goes on a ‘totally smashing’ adventure in each show.  Archie’s scenarios are again created from audience suggestions and involve some willing volunteers on stage.  These are filmed and uploaded daily to Youtube, allowing your love affair with these guys to continue long after the show.

They are also taking suggestions from Twitter and Facebook for their 24-hour Fringe adventure of improv with special guests.  Where they go, what they do… is up to you.  So get your thinking caps on and send them your suggestions.

There is no doubting their skill, both individually and collectively. They are a group of talented, quick and witty lads – totally bonkers, but in a good way.

Charis Stewart