Sam, Broken

Fringe Diary – Week 4 – “All’s well that ends… terribly!”

Can you believe it!? The Fringe is over! This is what happened in our last week… We appeared on all sorts of package shows this week… […]

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Fringe Diary – Week 3 – “Murder on the dance floor?”

Doesn’t time fly when you’re at the Fringe… One of our collective childhood dreams was realised this week when we appeared on Hardeep Singh Kohli’s ‘Chat […]

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Charlie's Wrestling Face

Fringe Diary – Week 2 – “Fighting Talk…”

LETS GET READY TO RUUUUUMBLE! This week’s diary entry may be slightly influenced by the fact that last night we had the pleasure of watching the […]

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Sam points out the obvious.

Fringe Diary – Week 1 – “It starts…”

Well, well… Here we are at THE Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s the largest arts festival in the world, it’s the cultural centre of the comedian’s year […]

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